How do I subscribe to CourseWorks calendars in Google, Outlook, iCal, or iOS?

A great feature of CourseWorks’ Calendar tool is the ability to export events to popular desktop and phone based software programs.

Technical tip: “subscribing” versus “importing”:

Be sure that you instruct students to subscribe to the calendar rather than downloading and importing a copy of the calendar. If they do the latter they will not receive updates to the calendar over the course of the semester.

Students and instructors can subscribe to their CourseWorks calendars in many popular calendar clients. (NB: Subscriptions allow you to read your course site's calendar events in your calendar client, but you cannot modify them)

1. From your CourseWorks site, open the Calendar tool.

2. Click: “Subscribe”

click subscribe.jpg

3. Copy the URL.

Click URLS.png

4. Students can use this URL to subscribe in Google Calendar, Outlook, Apple iCal, or iOS calendars.  See the instructions below for each platform.

Platform-Specific Instructions

Google Calendar

  • Copy the “https://...” URL generated by CourseWorks .

  • Open your Google Calendar.

  • In the left panel, open the drop down menu to the right of “Other Calendars” and select “Add by URL”

  • Paste the copied hyperlink into the URL field.

For more on calendar subscriptions in Google Calendar, see this article.


  • Double-click the “webcals://...” URL generated by CourseWorks.

  • Once you double-click the webcals link, in Outlook you should see a dialog box asking if you'd like to "Add this Internet Calendar to Outlook and Subscribe to Updates".  

  • Click "Yes."

For more on calendar subscriptions in Outlook, see this article.

Apple iCal

  • Copy the “https://...” URL generated by CourseWorks  

  • Open iCal

  • Click the Calendar menu in the toolbar

  • Select "Subscribe", and paste in the https link.

For more on calendar subscriptions in iCal, see this article.

iOS Calendar (iPhone/iPad/iTouch)

  • Open the course site on your device, and copy the “https://...” URL generated by CourseWorks.  

  • Open “Settings” on your iOS device.

  • Open “Mail, Contacts, Calendars”

  • Select “Add Account”

  • Select “Other” (the last option listed)

  • Select “Add Subscribed Calendar”

  • Paste the calendar link into the “Server” field (you needn't add your uni/pass to subscribe to the calendar)


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