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  1. General Information 

    1. Are there any plagiarism detection tools at Columbia?
    2. Does CTL offer online courses?
    3. May I use CTL's projects in my non-Columbia course?
    4. What are the hours of operation for Learning Commons
    5. How ADA compliant are CTL's services?
  2. Google Apps for Education 

    1. Getting Started with Lionmail Google Slides
    2. How can I embed my google slide show onto wikispaces or courseworks?
  3. CourseWorks (Sakai) 

    1. Where can I find documentation about CourseWorks?
    2. How do I get further CourseWorks assistance from CTL?
    3. How do I Create and Modify Calendar Events?
    4. Does CourseWorks support WebDAV file transfers?
    5. What is the best way to get content from Microsoft Word into CourseWorks?
  4. Courseworks2 (Canvas) 

    1. What is Courseworks2 (Canvas)?
    2. How do I get additional help for Courseworks2 (Canvas)?
    3. Do I still have access to my old Courseworks Sites?
    4. What are the differences between Canvas and Sakai?
    5. What are the basics for setting up my course?
  5. Courseworks2 (Canvas) - Announcements 

    1. How do I create an Announcement?
  6. Courseworks2 (Canvas) - Mobile 

    1. Will Canvas work on my mobile device?
    2. How do I set up my Canvas App on my mobile device?
  7. Wikispaces@Columbia 

    1. Wikispaces, wikischolars Downtime
    2. WikiScholars - Login Errors and Invitations
    3. WikiScholars - Create a Join Code
    4. WikiScholars - Using a Join Code
    5. "Pamacea" error when logging in to wikispaces with Chrome
  8. EdBlogs 

    1. As instructor, can I add users to my EdBlog?
    2. Can I invite guests to my EdBlog if they do not have a Columbia University ID (UNI)
    3. What languages does EdBlogs support?
    4. How can I migrate my EdBlog?
    5. How do I add images, video, documents, and other media to my EdBlogs posts and pages?
  9. Mediathread 

    1. Collaborating on compositions in Mediathread
    2. Creating compositions in Mediathread
    3. Discussions in Mediathread
    4. How do I create and edit my course vocabulary?
    5. How do I upload a video to Mediathread?
  10. Columbia on iTunes U 

    1. Can I add an existing podcast RSS feed to iTunes U?
    2. How do I maintain my iTunes U public collection?
    3. How do I request a course collection on iTunes U?
    4. What audio file formats can be used on iTunes U?
    5. Which document files can I add to my iTunes U course collection?
  11. Digital Classroom - Lewisohn Hall Room 308 

    1. My students will be giving presentations. Can I arrange for them to be trained to use the equipment?
    2. Can I use my notebook/tablet PC with the SMART Board?
    3. I have software that I would really like to use during class. Can I install it on the SMART Board?
    4. The computer is asking me to log in. What is the user name and password?
    5. I have files on my home/office computer. How can I view these files on the SMART Board? How can I move files from the SMART Board to my own computer?
  12. Film Language Glossary 

    1. Can I use the Film Language Glossary outside Columbia?
    2. How can I access the Film Language Glossary?
  13. CUMC Audience Response System (TurningPoint) 

    1. What do I need to get started with using TurningPoint ARS?
    2. I just received TurningPoint ARS training, what do I do now?
    3. What are the system requirements for installing TurningPoint software onto my computer?
    4. How do students setup ResponseWare before class to answer TurningPoint ARS questions?
    5. Is there a text I could put in my CourseWorks site to prepare my students for using TurningPoint ARS and ResponseWare?
  14. Columbia Learn on YouTube 

    1. Are comments monitored on Columbia Learn's YouTube videos?
    2. Can Columbia Learn's YouTube channel be used for non-course purposes?
    3. Can I apply a Creative Commons license to videos that I post on YouTube?
    4. Can I submit a video to the Columbia Learn YouTube channel through my department or by myself?
    5. Can my department maintain its own YouTube channel?
  15. HeartSim 

    1. Heart Simulator Java Security Fix (Mac)
  16. Old CourseWorks 

    1. Old CourseWorks General Information
  17. Video Production Requests 

    1. Can CTL film my course sessions?
    2. How can I use full-length films (or clips) in my classes?
    3. I had a film digitized by CTL, but it's expired. How can I get it back?
    4. How do I add films clip to my course site?
    5. How to request films for courses
  18. VITAL 

    1. Information about VITAL development and code
    2. VITAL Demo Video
    3. VITAL Help Documenation
    4. What is VITAL?
  19. Brownfield Action 

    1. How do I request a username to use Brownfield Action?
    2. How do I create a new course in the Brownfield Action simulation?
    3. How do I set up my course in the Brownfield Action simulation?
    4. How do I set up teams in the Brownfield Action simulation?
    5. How do I activate the teams so they can use the Brownfield Action simulation?
  20. All articles 

    1. Where can I find documentation about CourseWorks?
    2. Can I add an existing podcast RSS feed to iTunes U?
    3. Can CTL film my course sessions?
    4. Information about VITAL development and code
    5. Are comments monitored on Columbia Learn's YouTube videos?
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